Epoxy Alternatives: What Can I Choose From?

Concrete flooring is a very common type of flooring among large workplaces, such as warehouses, and in garages and basements in homes across the country. Sometimes, you might look at the concrete flooring in your workplace, garage, or basement and think about how you might be beginning to notice some signs of wear and tear on the floor.

What Should You Do?

Concrete can begin to show its age just like other types of flooring. If you ask around, you will find that many business owners will recommend epoxy floor coating in order to keep your concrete floor looking good and protected, but what if you want to explore other options?

Affordable Alternatives to Epoxy

epoxy floor coating

While epoxy is certainly one of the best options out there to make sure your concrete floor is protected and looking nice for a long time to come, you should keep in mind it is not the only option you have. You might be surprised at some of the other affordable options out there for concrete flooring:

·    “Roll-Out” vinyl flooring

As its name suggests, this type of flooring is very easy to install, and can easily hide any imperfections on your concrete floor. All you need to do is unroll it onto the floor, cut away the excess bits so it is a perfect fit, and you’re finished! This is an easy to install and very nice-looking solution when looking for affordable epoxy alternatives.

·    Peel and stick tiling

Wanting to hide some cracks or impurities on the concrete floor without breaking the bank? You might consider peel and stick tiling for the job, which is simple to just peel right off and adhere to the floor.

·    Carpeting

It might seem counterproductive to carpet a concrete floor, but there are some carpets designed specifically for concrete flooring that is easy to clean up if something spills, and easier still to install.

Which One is Right For You?

Each of these options are affordable and couldn’t be any easier to install. If you want a great alternative to epoxy flooring, look into some of these options to make your concrete floor look great. As a bonus, you can easily install all of these options on your own without having to call in a professional, saving you even more money on your flooring project.